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Professional and personal online tutoring in math, physics, engineering and technical science for students from grammar school to high school and university level.

In Danish and English.

After years of private tutoring, I am now offering tutoring assistance on an online- and chat-based platform. The goal is to give you flexibility. You work at your own pace and location, and I can fit around your schedule without geographical and timezone limitations.

  1. Get in contact with me and hear about what I can offer. No financial commitment.
  2. Sign up on this website and get 1 hour free tutoring
  3. Purchase the hours you need at a fixed rate of: $250\; \mathrm{DKK/hr}$ (or $40\; \mathrm{US\$/hr}$ or $35\; \mathrm{€/hr}$).

My name is Steeven, and I am your personal tutor.

Content of the tutoring

I can tutor you for exams, study and work, and explain difficult concepts so that everything is clear. If you are from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), then I can offer assistance specifically in the following courses as previous teacher and/or teaching assistant:

  • Physics 1 (fundamental physics of 10 ects credits)
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics (mathematics 1 of 20 ects credits)

Some of the technical/physics topics that I specialize in include:

  • Motion, Mechanics (forces, collisions, rotation, oscillations), Energy and thermodynamics (heat transfer, work, temperature), Fluids and thermodynamics (waves, gasses and liquids), Materials (flexibility, strength, texture – metals, semiconductors, insulators), Light (colour, behaviour, reflection, optics), Electricity and electronics (circuits, charges), Magnetism, and more…

Some of the mathematical topics that I specialize in include:

  • Algebra and arithmetics (basic math and all grammar-school level math such as plus, minus, times, divide, fractions, percentages, rates, powers, roots, logarithms etc.), Sine and cosine (the unit circle), Geometry (shapes, forms, plots and graphs), Calculus (differentiation and integration) and differential equations, Vectors and matrices, Equation systems and eigenvectors, Taylor expansions and parametrization, Curve, surface, volume integrals (tangential integrals, Gauss, Stokes), and more…

If you have any doubts, please contact me directly and we will figure out if I am the right tutor for you. If I cannot help you, then you will of course get a refund for the hours bought.

This online-platform

On this website you are in contact with me, your tutor, through a well-known rich chat-interface. It supports math-formatted writing and file-upload. Your profile contains your purchased hours, which you start using by simply asking a question. All conversations are stored and notes never deleted.

You spend your tutoring hours…

  1. … by asking a question in the chat-window. You can ask a question anytime and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  2. … or by booking a live 1-to-1 chat with me. Please suggest a date and time in the chat that works best for you, and we can arrange it.

Please note that tutoring hours are used in 10 minute increments.


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